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"My yard had multiple
problems: there were puddles
in one corner near my home's foundation. I had a broken
pipe in the front yard that sprayed water about 30 feet
up in the air. And I also had
a few broken sprinkler heads that didn't work at all. I called the sprinkler experts-Service Now and a technician came
out to my house within an
hour. He took quick stock of
all my issues and went right
to work. He had everything
fixed the same day and even gave me a few tips on preventing problems in the future. I was very impressed and will alway trust Service
Now with all my sprinkler
needs. Thanks so much!"

John P. — Antelope


"Being elderly it is hard for
me to do any yard work at
all. So when a few of my sprinklers stopped functioning
I had no choice but to call someone to repair them.
I called Service Now and I'm
so glad I did. The repairman came to my house very
quickly and was friendly,
polite and clean-cut. He had
the parts on hand in his van
and fixed everything so fast. Then he even gave me a
senior citizen discount which was very helpful, being on a fixed income. All in all, a very nice experience. I'll call
Service Now any time!"

Rita G. — Rancho Cordova



Sacramento Sprinkler Repair Experts

Home Sprinklers

Service Now offers sprinkler service to all of the Sacramento area. Our customers know they can expect professional sprinkler repair, design and installation. Our sprinkler repair technicians are trained to evaluate your sprinkler problems. We repair, replace or rebuild sprinkler systems all over the valley. We specialize in repairing broken pipes, heads, valves and timer stations. Have a new home? We can design and install a new sprinkler system that will keep all your new lawn, trees and plants thriving throughout any season.

Commercial Sprinklers

Service Now provides sprinkler service to a great many businesses throughout Sacramento, Yolo, Placer or El Dorado Counties. Whether your have a small business or a large commercial/industrial complex we can take care of all your sprinkler repair or rebuild needs. Our customers are our lifeblood. We pledge to service your sprinkler needs with speed and professionalism and get the job done right for you!


If you have water puddles around your yard or if your lawn always feels wet, you have a drainage problem. Proper drainage is very important to healthy lawns and can keep water from getting to your home foundation. A Service Now technician can evaluate the problem and offer the best solutions to prevent water backups in your yard. We can install new drainage pipes, repair or snake out, existing pipes, or even regrade them if needed. This is also a valuable step to prevent mosquitos from infesting your yard.


• New sprinkler systems installed
• Sprinkler heads Installed or repaired
• Drip systems Installed or repaired
• Valves and pipes Installed or repaired
• Sprinkler timers Installed or reprogrammed
• Repair existing sprinkler wiring
• Dig or trench for new pipe installations
• Design new drainage systems
• New yard drains installed
• Snake out your existing yard drains


The Sprinkler Experts
Repair, Design & Installation

Service Now — The Sprinkler Experts

We repair, replace or install all aspects of a yard sprinkler systems, including:

• Sprinkler Heads • Drip Systems • Valves and Pipes • Sprinkler Water Timers • Sprinkler Wiring • New Water Stations
• Dig or Trench to Install New Pipes • Design Drainage Systems • Dig or Trench to Install New Yard Drains
• Snake Out and Clear Existing Yard Drains • Install Grates or Valve Boxes • Design New Sprinkler Systems

Call The Sprinkler Experts today for all your sprinkler needs! 916-331-3335

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